NEWS (May 20, 2021)

ETERNA LAW welcomed a new partner

ETERNA LAW announced that Andrii Trostin joined the team as a partner and a head of Government Relations Practice effective as of 1st May.

Mr. Trostin's experience includes creation of comprehensive GR strategies in regulated markets, participation in the development and implementation of legislation, setting up effective measures to protect the business interests of companies in dialogue with government agencies. In addition, Andrii was involved in the implementation of systems combating IP rights infringements and illicit trade, as well as transformation of business processes and sales management in highly regulated markets.

Prior to joining ETERNA LAW, Mr. Trostin had a long-lasting cross-functional career with Philip Morris in Ukraine, the Caucasus and Moldova - corporate leader of one of the most regulated markets. In particular, he held the position of manager at the Department of External Affairs, implemented  fiscal and regulatory projects and was responsible for combating illegal trade and IP rights infringement in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova. In addition, Andrii managed finance, sales and reduced-risk products acquisition channels departments.

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